Aurora Solar

Accelerate your workflow with on-demand modeling

Our team of expert designers provides accurate 3D models for any project.

Growth without compromising accuracy

Rely on our design specialists for quality and speed

Your team can expect an accurate model — no matter how complex the site — freeing them up to focus on the job at hand.

Set your business up to scale

Scale your business without growing pains or design backlogs. Aurora’s experts can scale with your needs, and handle any spikes in volume.

Protect projects with data privacy by design

Ensure privacy of your valuable data with Aurora's proprietary data anonymization technology.

Consistent and accurate designs

Rely on highly accurate designs, individually and thoroughly checked by Aurora’s QA manager.

Rigorous design process

Trust Aurora’s best-in-class design suite combined with HD Nearmap imagery and multiple LIDAR sources to create your permit-ready designs.

Data privacy technology

Safeguard your clients’ valuable lead, appointment, and project data through a custom version of Aurora’s software which removes all sensitive data.

The future of solar starts now


A smiling man with glasses, wearing a blazer and a blue checkered shirt, with a softly blurred background emphasizing his cheerful expression.
  • Steve Huber

  • Executive Director of Sales, Semper Solaris
When you’re selling as much as we’re selling, you have to be able to deliver build-ready projects to your operations team. When sales and operations are aligned, that ultimately allows us to sell more. Aurora has allowed us to bridge that gap.

Explore Aurora

Aurora’s all-in-one software platform empowers every team to deliver across every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Tablet and smartphone showing a proposal and project view, showcasing responsive design.

Sales Mode

Sales Mode’s guided workflows and simple swipe interactions make selling solar a breeze.

Digital map of a residential area with a focus on one house marked in pink

Aurora AI

An address and one month’s utility bill are all you need to instantly generate a 3D home solar design for your customer.

Digital sales agreement document on a computer screen ready for e-signature

Contract Manager

Raise your sales game with auto-populated contracts and a fully integrated e-signature system.

3D aerial mapping application screenshot with green spherical markers for planning.

Design Mode

Accurately design systems from anywhere with the most powerful 3D CAD suite on the market.

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