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At Aurora Solar, the collaboration with our partners is pivotal to our mission. United, we're forging a future where solar power is within reach for everyone, harnessing the energy of the sun to empower communities worldwide.

Partnership Opportunities

Aurora Solar’s Partner Ecosystem

Aurora Solar regards its partners as an integral part of our collective mission towards sustainable energy. We believe in the power of unity to make great strides in the solar industry. By partnering with us, any organization can harness the power of solar technology.

Technology Partner

Work with our team and our extensive set of APIs to deliver delightful customer experiences. Enhance your offerings by integrating with Aurora, providing clients with a holistic tech experience.

Channel Partner

Unlock new business opportunities by becoming a channel partner. Join forces with us to offer cutting-edge solutions to businesses, and enjoy exclusive benefits as you contribute to their growth. Elevate your partnerships and maximize your earnings with our innovative software suite.

Financing Partner

Power your business growth by partnering with us as a financing integration. Seamlessly integrate our software with your financial solutions, empowering businesses to streamline operations to within Aurora, and access tailored financing options for their customers.

Systems Integrator

Our fully-vetted system integrator partners enable customers to incorporate Aurora into their tech stacks in ways that are most effective for their businesses. Join forces with us to deliver comprehensive solutions, optimizing workflows and unlocking unparalleled efficiency for our customers.

Our Partner Program

Whether you develop solutions, provide services, or integrate systems, Aurora Solar's partnership program is crafted to boost your benefits, solidify customer relationships, broaden your market presence, and elevate your solar energy offerings.



Why Partner with the World’s #1 Solar Design Software

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Demand generation

Build pipeline faster with demand generation and co-marketing that enables your brand to be front and center to our customer base.


Explore a suite of cutting-edge products that cater to diverse business needs, providing your clients with innovative solutions and giving your portfolio a competitive edge.

Partner Program

Grow your business with exclusive perks, training, and support, creating a thriving ecosystem where your success is our priority.

Customer & Partner Success

Tap into our community of innovators and experts, leveraging our resources to ensure mutual growth and satisfaction.


Seamlessly integrate our solutions into your offerings, tapping into a world of possibilities with our diverse range of integrations for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

Become a Partner

Align with Aurora Solar as we pioneer the solar industry's growth. Our focus is on accelerating the transition to sustainable energy by simplifying solar solutions for all.

Get Started

Partnerships are at the forefront of new go-to-market initiatives at Aurora. Apply via the form to the right, and expect an email from our partner team on next steps!