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NEM 3.0 Resource Center

On December 15, 2022, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted on and passed the Net Billing tariff (NBT, also commonly referred to as NEM 3.0). This resource center provides information that may help your business as you navigate the transition.

Selling battery storage just got easier

NEM3.0? No problem. Use Aurora to show how battery storage can optimize bill savings, even in time-of-use markets.

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How to Use Aurora to Model NBT and More

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Selling Battery Storage in Aurora

Selling battery storage is about to get easier. Introducing battery self-consumption modeling in Aurora.

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Modeling California's NEM 3.0 in Aurora

Aurora's help center article describes how to model California’s Net Billing Tariff, commonly referred to as NEM 3.0, in Aurora.

Aurora AI Validation Study

Aurora AI Validation Study

Inside the whitepaper you’ll see how Aurora AI generates 3D roof models in 30 seconds, how accurate and trusted AI solar models can be, and how Aurora AI scored vs humans on Per-face IOU, Total Area IOU, Height & Pitch.

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Storage: The Next Frontier

In this fireside chat, we speak with 2 storage experts about key challenges towards the adoption of storage at scale, innovations in storage hardware & software that will make storage more attractive, and how to position storage to the solar buyer of the future

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Pocket Guide to Selling Storage

According to SEIA, more than 33% of new residential PV systems in the U.S. will be paired with energy storage by 2025. Storage is becoming BIG, but despite the market growth, a lot of installers are still having a hard time successfully converting buyers.

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The Solar Sales Bundle

Inside the bundle you’ll get:

Panel Discussion: Solar Plus: Expanding Your Business With Solar-Adjacent Products
Panel Discussion: Take the Lead: Acquisition Strategies in a New Digital-First World
Webinar: How to sell with Aurora in 20 minutes
Guide: The 5 Solar Buyers

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How NY State Solar Quadrupled Its Web Lead Volume with Lead Capture AI

"In less than a month utilizing Aurora’s Lead Capture AI, we were able to quadruple our web lead volume, and we see 25% higher set rates from our organic leads compared to those generated through other marketing channels."

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Leading Through Turbulence and IRA Opportunities

This session brings together a panel of CEOs from leading solar companies to discuss how they’re navigating their organizations through inflation, supply chain issues, labor shortages, while still keeping an eye on the big opportunities ahead with the passage of the IRA.