The 2024 Solar Industry Snapshot

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It’s no secret: 2023 was a challenging year for the U.S. residential solar industry. While installs kept growing, and installed capacity reached new highs, new roadblocks made this one of the more challenging years in recent memory.

While we may be in a dip of the ride, we can see the ascent ahead of us. But when? And how?

The data in this report will reveal the challenges the industry faces today. But it will also spotlight areas of hope, new growth, and technologies that are leading the way.

This is the second annual Solar Industry Snapshot, and it certainly shows a different environment than last year’s. We again looked at three unique datasets: Aurora’s own database of solar projects, a survey of homeowners, and a survey of solar professionals.

Get the full report below for a pulse check of where the solar industry is in 2024, where the potential areas for growth are, and what potential roadblocks lie in wait.

The 2024 Solar Industry Snapshot