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Just landed… EagleView imagery: Let’s jump in

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A few weeks ago, Aurora and EagleView announced an alliance that will bring EagleView imagery into Aurora for all Aurora customers. 

The idea behind this partnership is that you’ll get yet another layer of accuracy and precision for designing and selling within Aurora, letting you develop highly accurate project proposals and designs decreasing the need for a site visit.

Aurora with EagleView imagery provides customers with the most high-resolution aerial imagery options so solar sales and design teams can prospect, plan, and validate even more solar projects. Aurora customers now have the most extensive array of premium imagery available on the market.

At the time, we posted a blog detailing many of the basics.

Now that EagleView’s top-down orthogonal imagery is available directly in Aurora, here are the questions we’re getting asked most about it.

Is EagleView imagery available directly in Aurora?

Yes. EagleView’s top-down orthogonal imagery is now available directly in Aurora’s Sales Mode and Design Mode, to all Aurora customers.

Go directly to the Aurora-EagleView partner page to learn more.

Is there an extra cost for EagleView imagery?

No. This high-quality aerial imagery is available to all Aurora customers at no charge.

What are the benefits of EagleView’s HD imagery?

We’d argue that the true benefits are too vast to list here, but some of the big ones are:

  • It covers 94% of the US population
  • Its coverage includes the 50 top US housing markets that are updated annually
  • It provides 70X more detail than satellite imagery, reaching sub 1-inch resolution

Will Aurora AI work with EagleView imagery?

Yes. And, it’s important to remember that Aurora AI quality is directly related to the quality of the imagery being provided. For the best Aurora AI results customers should select the highest quality image that is available.

Will Aurora’s EDS team be using EagleView imagery?

Eventually. Our EDS team is scheduled to have access to EagleView imagery sometime early this summer.  

How does that help me?

Features are nice, of course, but what really matters is how they help your business. EagleView will provide:

  • Access to more project sites: Covering 94% of the US population, the top 50 US housing markets, and more, puts you in position to use Aurora for more projects.
  • Even more precision in your designs: Reaching sub 1-inch resolution means your designs will be even more accurate.
  • Confidence when prospecting and planning: The best in solar and imagery means with Aurora + EagleView you’re getting over 30 years of combined experience from two trusted industry leaders.

How exactly do I use it?

We have a Help Center article dedicated to how to use EagleView imagery in Aurora. We’ll keep it updated with all the latest information. We also have a page that explains more.

Have questions that we didn’t answer here? Reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

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