Aurora Solar

Speed up your sales without sacrificing accuracy

Create full 3D models at the tap of a button.

Give teams a head start with the power of AI

Generate designs right when you need them

Generate accurate 3D models in seconds without any previous design experience to keep your deals moving forward.

Captivate the homeowner with stunning visuals

Deliver a better homeowner experience with a collaborative, real-time design process right before their eyes.

Quote with confidence

Boost your sales team’s confidence with shading analysis and production estimates, driven by Aurora’s NREL-validated calculation engines, to deliver quotes with unmatched accuracy.

Tested accuracy

Our AI has been tested on over half a million homes to ensure high-quality models – from the simple to more complex roofs.

HD Nearmap imagery

Each project uses the most up-to-date Nearmap imagery, when available, so you’re not left with any surprises.

LIDAR shading

Irradiance calculations use shading from LIDAR to account for trees and surrounding buildings, delivering accurate estimates with minimal effort.

Explore Aurora

Aurora’s all-in-one software platform empowers every team to deliver across every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Sales Mode

Sales Mode’s guided workflows and simple swipe interactions make selling solar a breeze.

Aurora AI

An address and one month’s utility bill are all you need to instantly generate a 3D home solar design for your customer.

Contract Manager

Raise your sales game with auto-populated contracts and a fully integrated e-signature system.

Design Mode

Accurately design systems from anywhere with the most powerful 3D CAD suite on the market.

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