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Solar plan sets in 24 hours? See how Simply Solar does it

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Over the past two decades, Simply Solar has emerged as a key player in the Bay Area’s renewable energy sector. Recognized for their expertise in custom solar system installations, they wanted to enhance their operational efficiency and customer service. This led to a strategic partnership with Aurora, with the goal of streamlining their processes from sales to installation with innovative technology.

In this blog, we’ll focus on one particularly… detailed… process that vexes many in the solar industry: plan sets. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s start with this graphic of Simply Solar’s turn around time for plan sets:

You can jump right to the case study here (it’s ungated).

Plan sets, am I right? 

Listen, plan sets are a thorn in almost every solar company’s side. They cause delays — often taking a week or more to complete — and can really be a bottleneck that stops projects from moving forward. But they don’t have to be.

Plan sets revolution 

Aurora Solar helped Simply Solar transform plan set creation, streamlining what was once a prolonged and error-prone phase into a quick (and accurate) process, markedly improving project flow and timelines. 

Aurora’s Plan Sets Service can produce detailed, accurate plan sets in hours — rather than days using other providers — which was a game-changer for Simply Solar. This improvement streamlined project management, minimized downtime, and accelerated the progression from planning to installation. As a result, Simply Solar enhanced its capacity to efficiently meet growing customer demands.

A new dawn in renewable energy

Simply Solar’s collaboration with Aurora Solar showcases the significant impact that advanced technology can have on solar sales and design. We’ve highlighted plan sets in this blog, but the full case study goes into detail on the other ways Simply Solar uses Aurora to improve efficiency, build trust with customers, and increase sales. To save us all another thousand words:

By integrating Aurora’s innovative tools, Simply Solar has achieved faster project completion times, improved accuracy, and happier customers. This partnership has not only raised the bar for operational efficiency but has also set new standards for delivering exceptional customer experiences in the renewable energy sector.

For a deeper dive into this journey and to explore detailed insights that could revolutionize your own operations, read the full case study here.

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