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As you may have heard, our Empower Summit is coming up in just a couple weeks. (November 1-2, sign up here!)

If you haven’t signed up yet (which, again, you can do by clicking here), you may be wondering what you’ll get out of it, and why you should spend your valuable time at another virtual event. These are totally legitimate questions! Those of us in the solar industry are extremely busy, and investing even a couple hours can seem like a lot.

In our first blog on the topic, we laid out some of our most anticipated sessions and keynotes, and since then, we’ve filled out the schedule with even more presentations by the industry’s brightest stars. Some of these sessions even count towards NABCEP credits.

This year’s keynotes are [fire emoji]. Click the image to learn more.

You may also have heard that Edward Norton will be giving our Day 1 Featured Keynote.

Yep. That Edward Norton.

To give you a better idea of what to expect from the panels and sessions themselves, we also wanted to highlight some of our favorites from Empowers past. (Click on any image to view the whole session on-demand.)

See what 4 solar CEOs took away as the major lessons their companies have learned about solar sales since 2020 that will inform their processes moving forward.
Learn more about all things NEM from 3 experts who are in the fight, including what we can do to save solar jobs and boost its growth.
Want to know what drives homeowners to go solar, and how to help them choose you? This session gets into exactly that.

This is just a sampling, but hopefully it gives you a better idea of why Empower is so valuable to you, your colleagues, and your company. You can attend as many or as few sessions as make sense for you, and it’s free. You’ll walk away with new strategies, new ideas to think about, and (potentially) some NABCEP credits to boot.

See you there!

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