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Solar sales objections: Your top questions answered

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The single biggest complaint we hear every year after the Solar Sales Objections Throwdown is: Why can’t it be longer? We agree, and at some point we’d love to have a full-day event focused on the most challenging solar objections and how to turn them around.

Until then, we gathered some of your best questions from the Solar Sales Objections Throwdown at Empower 2023 — ones that the panelists didn’t get to answer in the session — and asked our experts to answer them offline.  

So, without further ado, here are the three most popular audience questions that our experts didn’t get to, and answers from Ashleigh Tatarcyk, Owner of Urban Sol Energy, and “Solar Joe” Mousakheel, CRO of The Solar Academy.

(Responses have been lightly edited for space and clarity.)

What is your best rebuttal to, “I have interest, but I am just so busy right now”?

Solar Joe

This is a common objection that can be really tough, so we actually have a “program” that helps us address it. I just tell them: 

“Perfect, that’s exactly why I’m here. We have this new program called the ‘busy homeowner’ program. Where we just ask a couple of questions and we do all the work in the background. When’s a good time to come back and show you the roof design? I am busy for the rest of the day; is tomorrow or Wednesday better for you?” 


I also explain how much of the work we’ll be taking off their hands, and try to set our next meeting. I’d say something like: 

“Great, I’m glad you have interest in solar, and it’s smart of you to take advantage of xyz incentive right now. So we have some great programs for folks that have a lot on your plate, where we make this super simple and handle the whole process for you from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about getting permits, or hiring a crew to install your panels. 

“We will do all of that for you, you only need to spend about 15-20 minutes with one of our advisors to get into the best program for your needs, complete some agreements so we can get started, then we’ll take it from there. I’m pretty busy today as well, let’s put you on my calendar so you don’t have to chase me, I have time tomorrow at 12 or Thursday at 4. Which works better for you?”

How do you handle the “high cost and low ROI” objection in areas with no net metering and low electricity rates?

Solar Joe

I wouldn’t try to turn this objection around. In this situation, I would go back to using empathy. Be empathetic to the homeowner’s situation and figure out another way to help them pay their electricity, or other, bills. For example, offering a $1,000 referral reward for them to set you up with other potential customers can give them a positive experience, and potentially get you some new business. 


Let’s answer this question as though there was net metering and then let’s answer it as though there is no net metering. Both scenarios are possible:

No net metering: If a client doesn’t have a net metering policy available in their area, it’s our duty as solar advisors to inform the client that solar wouldn’t be a good fit for them. And, until batteries can store more than 10 kWh in a cycle, batteries also aren’t the best option in this case — unless a customer is more of the “off grid” variety and are just wanting to power their lights, fridge, and cell phone a majority of the time. 

Have respect for the customer and walk away from this sale. You build more trust this way; now get them into your referral program and make them a solar ambassador. 

Net metering/Low ROI: Let’s be honest, this is a hard objection to overcome even for a seasoned sales person, most people don’t want to spend more money now to hedge against future inflation. 

The thing I would pitch on is if it’s only $10-$20 more a month for solar. Then, I would say something like: “You’re getting a whole solar system, 30 panels and inverters for ONLY $10 more a month. It’s $10 more now, but you’re smart for knowing your electric rates in the next 5 years are going to be more and you’ll be prepared. If 10 years ago, with the insight you have now on the price of gas, when gas was $1.50 a gallon, would you have locked it in at $1.70 and be happy that’s what you’re paying now?” 

How do you handle the, “I’m sure battery pricing will go down later. I just want to wait until the price is lower” objection? 

Solar Joe

I would go with something like, “Yes, I totally get it. Pricing for batteries could come down but then again could go up with this crazy economy, right? But one thing we know for sure is that smart batteries are making you money right now. Do you want to accept that money or would you like to wait longer?”


I may be the worst person to ask this. In my opinion — unless a battery is necessary for backup where the homeowner absolutely can’t lose power, or in places like California with NEM 3, where there can be demonstrated ROI from things like battery self-consumption — I don’t think batteries are generally worth it. 

Actually, I think one of the trends we’ll see in the next few years is the growth of the battery industry. I’d recommend that the homeowner go solar now, to take advantage of everything it has to offer, and then retrofit a battery down the line. 

The tools you need

No matter the objection, in this ever changing market you need to be able to adapt quickly. You need a solar sales solution that gives you the flexibility to customize your proposal, personalize it to each homeowner, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Sales Mode combines Aurora’s best-in-class designs with interactive selling tools to give reps everything they need to build homeowner trust and close with confidence.

So, for example, whether the homeowner is interested in battery backup, self-consumption, or even a mix of both — they can model for these scenarios in Sales Mode based on the homeowner’s preferences and what makes sense in their market.

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