Sales Mode: Proposals You Can Build Your Reputation On

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Solar is a big commitment. When you pitch solar to a homeowner, you’re also asking them to invest thousands of dollars and alter the look of their home. So, building homeowner trust and credibility is essential to closing the sale.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the newest Sales Mode enhancements will help your team adapt quickly and sell with credibility, even in an ever-changing market. Backed by Aurora’s industry-leading design technology, you’ll be able to deliver a faster, easier, and more customizable sales experience that’ll help your team close with confidence.

Join us to learn how you can:

  • Build a customizable sales experience that helps differentiate your business
  • Easily educate homeowners on complex topics like solar + storage
  • Deliver fast, professional sales proposals you can build your reputation on

See how we’ve reimagined Sales Mode to empower your sales team to sell with credibility and uphold the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

Sales Mode: Proposals You Can Build Your Reputation On