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5 Important Benefits of PERC Solar Panels You Need to Know

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A few years ago PERC solar panels were just another option in a solar installers toolbox. Today, however, PERC panels are becoming the dominant panel in the industry, and rightfully so.

We’ve written about how PERC panels work, but if you’re interested in learning the benefits of PERC solar panels, without all the technical jargon, this post is for you.

The benefits of PERC panels can be broken down into 5 key components:

Increased Energy Production

On average a PERC solar panel is about 1% more efficient than a traditional panel. Although this gain seems small on its own, on a full PV system this can add up to 5% more energy production.

Increased Low-light and High-heat Performance

PERC solar panels excel particularly well in both high-heat environments and low-light environments, with about a 3% increase in efficiency.

Smaller Roof Footprint

Because PERC panels are more efficient, solar designers and installers need fewer of them to create the same power as traditional panels. This means a solar panel system using PERC panels can fit onto smaller roofs.

Reduced BOS and Soft Costs

An often overlooked advantage to PERC solar panels is the reduction in soft costs. Since installers need fewer panels to achieve the same output, they can save on both labor costs as well as inverters, disconnects, and other balance of system (BOS) costs.

Same Manufacturing Costs

One of the main reasons PERC has grown in popularity, and will continue to grow, is because they cost the same amount to manufacture as traditional panels.

All these reasons point to the rise of PERC panels becoming the industry standard. Solar installers who offer PERC solar panels today, can get ahead of the competition and provide their customers with a top of the line product for very little extra cost.

So, what’s the downside?

Today, PERC panels are still slightly more expensive than traditional panels, but the benefits far outweigh the added costs. Below we’ve summarized some of these benefits in a handy infographic that you can use to help explain the benefits of PERC solar panels to your team and your customers.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the benefits of PERC, you can watch our full webinar on the topic, featuring PERC manufacturer LONGi Solar.

benefits of perc solar panels and comparison

You can also model a complete PERC solar system in Aurora Solar and even do a comparison of output, cost, and financing between PERC and a traditional system.

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