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Aurora Solar and EagleView partnership: What you need to know

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Aurora Solar is proud to announce a partnership with EagleView, to help further innovate our product offerings for customers and drive solar industry growth. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some things you need to know about our EagleView partnership, including how it will enhance the Aurora Solar platform with enhanced imagery, increased proposal accuracy, and opportunities to drive more sales. 

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Who is EagleView?

Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, EagleView is an American aerial imagery company that offers best-in-class geospatial data. Powered by the largest imagery and data library of its kind (encompassing 94% of the US population), EagleView’s premier technology is backed by 300 patents and over 30 years of industry-leading experience.

Aurora Solar design with the power of EagleView

In our continuous effort to empower solar professionals with the most advanced tools possible, Aurora is elated to integrate EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery, validated 3D roof models, and industry-leading structure measurements directly into our solar design platform.    

With this partnership, you’ll get yet another layer of accuracy and precision for designing and selling within Aurora, enabling the development of highly accurate project proposals and designs without the need for a site visit.

More project sites and higher resolution than ever before 

EagleView’s library of aerial photography is 70 times more detailed than average satellite imagery and allows Aurora users to quickly unlock property data for even more of the US population. The highly detailed images, which reach sub-one-inch resolution, are expertly captured by the company’s fleet of 100+ aircraft.

When walking customers through solar proposals, high-resolution images can really impress homeowners who may be comparing bids with other companies. While the enhanced imagery may subconsciously imply professionalism, actively discussing the capabilities of Aurora and EagleView can also help homeowners trust that what they are looking at is as accurate as possible.  

Increased precision for 3D modeling and energy production

Providing an additional layer of accuracy in Aurora’s 3D modeling features, EagleView’s industry-leading structure measurements enable designers to guarantee precise roof dimensions and exact panel placement when optimizing customer proposals. With a compounding effect, more accurate site models then lead to more realistic shading analyses and better energy production estimates than ever before.

With highly accurate remote site data, Aurora users can avoid many time-consuming, costly, and avoidable steps of the fulfillment process. This includes fewer delays associated with redesigns, renegotiations, and shifting timelines as well as fewer potential truck rolls during permitting and installation. 

Data-driven proposals designed to build trust at every step 

Aurora Solar strives to give designers the best tools possible, and EagleView’s industry-leading imagery and data fit right in with this mission. The seamless integration of EagleView data into the Aurora platform enables reps to design and sell solar energy systems with confidence and focus on delivering a great homeowner experience from the initial meeting, to the day of the installation, and through years of expected energy production. 

As Marc Georgiou, Senior Director of Global Partnerships at Aurora, summarized during Sunrise 2024: “Ultimately, this partnership empowers solar salespersons, designers, and installers alike to prospect, plan, and install their solar systems with even more confidence. By coupling highly detailed imagery from EagleView with Aurora’s accurate PV design platform, we’re laying the foundation of accuracy and confidence from sales to plan sets, all within the integrated Aurora platform.” 

Looking Ahead

To enable the best possible experience for our customers, we’re working diligently to integrate EagleView’s high-resolution imagery into the Aurora Solar platform. The toggled feature will be made available to Aurora Solar customers soon (April 2024) and will provide the basis for several new products that will be announced and released later this year.

The industry needs these tools now more than ever, and we are looking forward to building a better experience for solar professionals as well as homeowners.

Peter Cleveland, VP of Solar, EagleView

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