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2023 Solar Goals: Improve solar leadership

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There’s one thing great leaders consistently do: learn. Whether your company is small but growing quickly, or a market leader looking to take the next step, great leadership is a key component to success.

To help get us all ready for a strong, to quite strong, 2023, we’re highlighting resources to help solar installers meet, and exceed, your goals in the coming year and more. 

In this edition, we look at leadership and how you can take advantage of all the opportunities ahead.


The title of this discussion among solar leaders says it all: Leading Through Turbulence and IRA Opportunities. If that doesn’t describe the “solarcoaster” we don’t know what does.


Great leaders need to be informed. This presentation by Bill Parsons, the Vice President of Federal and State Affairs at American Clean Power, is one of the best resources about the IRA that we’ve seen.


NEM-3, or the Net Billing Tariff, is perhaps the biggest news of 2022 for California solar. This resource lays out the basics, and much more.


And be sure to check out our full NEM 3.0 Resource Center for all the news, analysis, and more you need to navigate this huge change to California solar.


Finally, download our Ultimate Solar Leadership Bundle for insightful panel discussions with some of the best leaders in the solar industry, and more.


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