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A New Solar Software Feature Comparison Chart

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If you’ve ever considered making an important purchase, you’ve likely seen a feature comparison chart. Down the left side is a list of features, with each competitor getting a or an X.

These can be a quick, useful way to see if a purchase — like, say, a solar software solution — will give you everything you need. We recently launched our first version to give you an idea of how we stack up.

We think it’s a useful tool to use when you’re considering solar software. We recognize, however, a potential issue with these types of charts: they’re all made by the company that wants you to buy from them (including ours). 

With that in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind when using any of these competitor charts (including ours):

Make sure they list the features you need

In the quest for a full column of green checks, some of these charts will strategically not include important features if that company can’t provide them. So, for example, 3D visualizations or storage modeling might just be left off the chart entirely, in an attempt to avoid the dreaded X. Make sure you know what features you need, and that they’re all listed on the chart. 

Make sure they’re up to date

Likewise, these charts may not be entirely up to date on competitors’ offerings. For example, Sales Mode provides a completely mobile-friendly way to generate sales proposals, but some of our competitors may not be rushing to update their charts with that information.

Sales Mode: extremely tablet-friendly. (Click the GIF to see for yourself.)

Make sure they’re well researched

We spent months researching before launching our own comparison page — complete with an easy-to-read chart. We dug deep not just into our own offerings, but those of the competition. While you’ll notice that we just happen to have all green checkmarks, we think we also present an accurate view of what competitors offer, too.

Ask questions

We think our competition chart is the most comprehensive and honest one out there. But, it’s just one step in the process. It should aid your research, not be your research. So, get in touch with us here and we’ll walk you through it and answer any questions you have — about our chart, a competitor’s, or anything else. 


Featured image by Afif Kusuma.