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3 key benefits of streamlined solar financing from Aurora and Dividend

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Figuring out how to pay is one of the most important aspects of going solar. And to many customers, it can be a confusing and slow process. That’s a big reason why Aurora Solar has teamed up with Dividend, one of the country’s leading and most trusted solar loan providers. 

Integrated directly into Sales Mode, Dividend’s streamlined financing platform can rapidly accelerate your customer pre-approval process, let you show customers different options, and help you quickly draw up accurate loan contracts. 

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Designed to increase your company’s efficiency, revenue, and customer satisfaction ratings, here are three key ways that Dividend financing can help facilitate new sales and grow your solar business.

Save time and drive solar sales with integrated financing

You can present financial comparisons in Sales Mode side-by-side so that customers can weigh their options while you work with them to explore different values for down payment, loan term, or monthly payment. While showing your interested clients these financing options in real-time with Aurora, Dividend’s efficient and secure pre-approval process can help close customers on the spot with applications that are typically approved in 15 seconds or less

Then, with a fully-customizable proposal that allows for more personalization, you can also use the powers of Aurora and Dividend together to include battery storage or savings from the Inflation Reduction Act.

A fully customizable proposal lets you tailor the info to what each customer wants.

Avoid redundant and error-prone data entry 

Knowing that most solar energy companies work across multiple platforms to design systems, make sales, and facilitate customer financing, the Dividend integration in Sales Mode helps to keep more information contained in one easy-to-use, customer-facing space. 

By creating a streamlined financing path that’s designed to help move homeowners forward in your sales conversations, Aurora’s design and sales engines communicate directly with Dividend’s financing platform to ensure all project information remains consistent from proposal through permission-to-operate.

When it comes time to take the most crucial step in the sales process, Contract Manager allows you to create accurate, ready-to-sign documents in seconds without any additional manual processes to draw up customer purchase and financing agreements. 

Build trust and provide a better customer experience

The Dividend loan integration represents another step forward towards Aurora’s goal to create the best platform for solar companies to build trust with prospective customers through detailed and accurate sales proposals.

Today, 48% of customers believe that it’s important for installers to offer multiple financing options, which is why Sales Mode is designed to showcase the benefits and tradeoffs of various solar payment plans. With the Dividend integration, you can take a fully consultative approach to your sales conversations and create several unique financing options for your clients right in front of their eyes.

You can also build customer trust in your proposal by sharing info about Dividend’s accreditations and premium services. In addition to all of the great things you can offer your customers, Dividend’s white glove service can provide them with:

  • Around-the-clock project management support and prompt issue resolution
  • Stability with the 17th largest bank in the country, Fifth Third 
  • Access to competitive pricing and streamlined funding approval

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