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“Homeowners won’t go solar if they don’t trust you”: Building trust with Freedom Forever and Boundless

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The solar industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, but this rapid expansion has also brought about intense competition among installers. As more players enter the market, margins are shrinking, putting pressure on businesses to develop innovative ways of reducing costs, improving efficiency, and boosting customer conversions.

Solar companies face many hurdles in this competitive landscape. A big one is how to educate customers about the nuances of renewable power generation and how to establish credibility and trust in an increasingly saturated market. If you can’t do that, then your business is dead in the water. 

But how?

Enhancing customer education and trust 

One of the primary challenges in selling solar is that for many customers, visualizing the aesthetics of a PV installation on their property and understanding the potential savings can be difficult. Conveying complex technical information about solar energy systems to non-expert customers is another hurdle that installers must overcome.

“Building trust with clear and accurate explanations is key,” explains Sara Escalante, a Sales Representative at Boundless. “Homeowners won’t go solar if they don’t trust you.”

To help build this trust, Boundless uses Aurora’s interactive features to greatly simplify the complex information about solar solutions for homeowners. This simplification played a key role in enhancing trust and engagement, crucial factors in building long-term customer relationships. By enabling customers to visualize their solar projects in real-time and explore different design options, interactive tools facilitate more engaging and productive conversations between sales teams and end-users. 

Recognizing that “a picture speaks a thousand words,” let’s stop there and go to a video!

Want to learn more? Check out the entire Freedom Forever and Boundless case study. Be sure to click in to the different personas to see how the companies have improved efficiency (and sales) across the board.

Get the whole case study here.

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