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Every big business starts small: Starting, and growing, a solar company

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Starting any business is terrifying. Even if you do everything right, you’re at the mercy of savvy customers, larger economic factors, and even forces of nature.

Starting a solar business is somehow even tougher. There’s cutthroat competition. There’s homeowners that need convincing. There’s some of the most powerful organizations in the country actively working against you and the solar industry as a whole.

It’s a miracle — and a testament to the dedicated people in the industry — that any solar start-up survives. But somehow it happens.

A big business starts small.

Richard Branson

You make that first sale. Then another. Then another.

Maybe you have enough backlog to hire a second crew. Enough hope to bring on a salesperson. Enough projects to work with a designer.

Only the best of the best make it to this stage. When you’ve nurtured a solar business to this far you’ve left literal blood, sweat, and likely tears up on those roofs. But then what?

That’s the question Orizon Energy faced. They made that first step and were looking for more. They wanted to make more of a difference by getting more panels on roofs, more battery storage attached.

But, the needs of a rapidly growing, established company are much different than a start-up. You need processes. Accuracy and speed somehow become even more important. And all your systems and people need to be able to work together seamlessly.

Orizon took on the challenge and have continued to grow their business (to say the least)…

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How are they doing it, all while keeping their customer satisfaction ratings sky high (175+ reviews on Google and an average of 5 stars)? They kept that startup attitude and added the support systems, software, and processes to support their people and speed up their sales at every step.

That’s the high level. There are so many aspects of Orizon’s story that any growing company can implement and use. Get all the details here.

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