Artificial Intelligence & Aurora Solar — 2023 Report

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AI can already recognize patterns, predict future trends, write essays, and even create images. And while its popularity has grown quickly, finding the best ways to apply the technology won’t happen all at once. This is especially true in the solar industry, as Aurora and others have made significant progress in the ways we use AI, and also see the potential for more.

Aurora AI already:

  • Generates 3D models in about 30 seconds
  • Has been run over 1.6M times since its launch 
  • 70% of the runs are completed to create sales proposals

In this report we share in-depth data on some of the benchmarks we’re tracking, discuss what we’ve learned so far, and look at how AI will help solar installers become more efficient in the future.

Artificial Intelligence & Aurora Solar — 2023 Report

report on AI & Aurora Solar with aurora borealis cover on a grey surface