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2023 Solar Goals: Streamline operations

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With 2023 on the brain, the solar industry is faced with the challenges of a potential recession, but is buoyed by the Inflation Reduction Act — complete with the 10-year extension of the solar ITC — and a real momentum for clean energy. On the whole, solar installers are geared up to grow their businesses — an optimism that’s one of the things we love most about solar.

To help get us all ready for a strong 2023, this series will highlight resources to help solar installers meet, and exceed, your goals in the coming year and more. 

Our first installment was resources for upping your solar sales game in 2023, and beyond.

In this edition, we look at making your solar business more efficient by streamlining your operations.


We’ve all heard the term “lean business”. But what does that actually mean, and how do you make your solar business more lean? Glad you asked. This webinar answers those questions and more to help you run a more profitable business.



Automating  processes where you can is a key way to up your business’s efficiency. But how? And where? Check out this webinar to learn how to automate communications throughout your organization in a streamlined and predictable way.



You knew it was coming… any business looking to be more efficient has to investigate AI. In solar, there’s proven AI tech that can help you right now. Learn more in our comprehensive whitepaper on how you can use AI to your advantage.



We can all agree that change orders are… inefficient. Reducing them even a little bit has serious benefits for your company’s efficiency, not to mention your bottom line. See how Semper Solaris reduced change orders and redesigns by 99%. For real.


Using solar software is a key way to increase your efficiency. But what features should you look for? Which ones are absolute must haves? The Big Book of Solar Software Must-Haves lays it all out in an easy-to-digest format.


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