Aurora Solar
Solar panel customization tool on a tablet, showing a house with solar panels.

Supercharge your proposals with advanced storage modeling

Access accurate backup, self-consumption, or energy arbitrage modeling in Aurora

Sell battery storage with every proposal

Increase your storage attach rate

Empower homeowners to make informed energy decisions with side-by-side bill comparisons with and without storage.

Provide flexible options for your customers

Easily switch between self-consumption, backup, or energy arbitrage modeling to tailor your proposal to the homeowner’s unique energy needs.

Deliver fast, accurate quotes

Automate pricing and savings calculations for battery storage directly within your proposal, backed by Aurora’s industry-leading accuracy.

See how storage in Aurora works

Modern eco-friendly home equipped with solar panels on the roof, illuminated in the tranquil twilight.

Learn more about storage modeling in Sales Mode!

Make battery storage part of every proposal and empower homeowners by:

  • Tailoring the right battery set up based on the homeowner’s needs.
  • Showing battery backup during outages
  • Educating how battery storage can optimize bill savings, even in time-of-use markets.

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