How to Overcome Objections with Real-time Personalization

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According to studies, 67% of consumers want companies to personalize the buying experience for them. But, adjusting your pitch in real-time can be difficult while also navigating the complexities of a solar sale.

In this webinar, top solar sales experts from Aurora Solar will share their processes for handling objections while still creating a positive, personalized experience for the homeowner. Plus, through real-world examples and scenarios, Aurora will show you how you can maintain control of the sales process by adapting your pitch on the fly.


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The 5 most common solar buyers and how to meet each one’s expectations
  • How to maintain control during the sale while still creating a positive buyer experience
  • How to adapt in real-time to those buyers’ needs to close the deal

How to Overcome Objections with Real-time Personalization