Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know Aurora Can Do: #1 — Expert Design Service

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When you have house projects to take care of, there’s always the question of whether to do them yourself or hire an expert. 

The choice you make comes down to a few factors:

  • How difficult is the job? You’re probably more likely to hire an expert to replace your furnace than you are to replace a lightbulb.
  • How time-sensitive is it? You’re more likely to call a plumber to replace a broken hot water heater than you are to fix a slowly dripping faucet.
  • How many other things do you have going on? If you have 15 other projects that need to get done, you’re more likely to hire an expert to complete some of them.
  • How visible is it? You might want an expert to paint your house, but be willing to paint a wall in the basement yourself.

Solar installers face similar decisions with every system design. 

Why Expert Design Service is Important

For solar installers, completing the maximum number of projects possible is critical to survival, and growth. But, you also have to make sure that you’re doing things accurately to avoid costly change orders and to make sure you meet your power production guarantees and other metrics.

Even the best solar designers can use a hand. Whether it’s a particularly complicated project, or your business is too busy to quickly turn around accurate designs, or you want your designers to be able to help out more with all aspects of a proposal, or any number of other reasons, sometimes you need help. 

So, for our #1 Thing You Didn’t Know Aurora Can Do, we wanted to highlight a way Aurora can take some of the solar system design burden off your plate.

How Aurora Helps

Aurora’s Expert Design Service can help you deliver dead-on accurate 3-dimensional models in less than three hours — with an average time of about an hour (contact us to see about plans that guarantee 30-minute turnaround times). 

You send the specs, one of Aurora’s designers takes on the project, and a 3D model comes back that’s ready to go. And since experts create the models, you can feel confident that they’ll be accurate.

How to Use Expert Design Service

Since the whole point of Expert Design Service is making your life easier, getting started and using it is just a matter of a few clicks.

Each design costs just $14.99, or you can get 10 for $99.99. Click here for more info on how to order. (A quick note: Some of these pages refer to “Expert Design Service” as “3D Modeling Service (3DMS)”. They are the same thing.)

Once you’ve created a new project, you simply create a new design and then click the “Make a Request” button that pops up. 


Then, just drag the green icon over the property and click the green “Request” button.


That’s it. Designs are ready in 3 hours (or less). You can check the progress of your designs either within the project, or in the Projects tab.

And, unlike home remodeling projects, if a design isn’t up to your expectations, you can request a redesign or refund with a simple click. (Wish we could do that with our home-repairs contractor!)

You can see more details about the process here.

And that completes our series on the Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know Aurora Can Do. Thanks so much for reading, we hope you’ve learned a couple tricks to help each install become a little bit simpler, quicker, and more accurate. 

Be sure to check out our dedicated 10 Things You Didn’t Know Aurora Can Do homepage to learn about the other things we’ve featured so far. Then schedule a live demo to learn more about how these features can help you produce more accurate solar designs. 

​​Do you have suggestions for an issue or feature you’d like to see covered? We’ll have some Aurora gifts for any ideas we use. Email us here.