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Sticker Shock: Resources to Help Prospects Navigate One of the Biggest Solar Adoption Barriers

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Solar is a big investment, and that can make it difficult for some homeowners to get to “yes”. But, there are a number of financing options available for customers who are looking to install solar without breaking the bank. Making sure they’re aware of everything out there is a great way to get that contract signed.

Last week, we covered some of the most popular incentives and rebates available for homeowners interested in going solar. This week, we’ll navigate through some of Aurora’s popular financing articles so that you can educate your prospective customers on the financing options available for their solar installation. 

How Green Bank Programs Make Solar Financing More Accessible

Green banks represent an important tool for driving growth in clean energy markets. As more and more states eye options to meet climate change commitments, it’s likely that green banks will play an increasing role around the country.

If there’s a green bank in your state, city, or country, get familiar with its programs and the benefits they can offer to prospective clients. Learn more about how green bank programs can help you close a sale

Solar Financing Options: Factors for Your Customer to Consider

Being able to detail the benefits and limitations of the solar financing options currently available can make the difference in closing a sale. 

This article walks you through some important financing considerations so that you can help your prospective customer find one that best suits their needs. Read more

Quantifying the Value of Installing Solar: Some Helpful Metrics

When communicating with prospective clients about installing solar, it’s likely that they will have questions about the value of your design relative to other proposals they receive. 

Being able to provide metrics that communicate what the solar installation will be worth over its lifetime will help them more easily understand the value your company is offering and know that they’re making a smart choice. 

In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most common metrics for quantifying a solar project’s value, how they are calculated, and what purpose they serve. Read more.

The Solar Sales Follow Up Kit

Purchasing solar can be an overwhelming experience for homeowners who aren’t familiar with the basic process, equipment, and tech involved. In this toolkit, you’ll find four guides that you can use to help educate a homeowner about the basics of solar and make them feel confident about making their buying decision with you.

This kit includes guides on:

  • How to read an electricity bill
  • The basic principles that guide solar system costs
  • How a solar installation works
  • How solar energy storage works

Download the free, helpful sales kit here.

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