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Solar Sales: From Pitch to Proposal — Strategies to Improve Your Lead-to-Win Rate

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This month on the Aurora blog and in our newsletter The Current, we focused on all aspects of solar sales. The techniques covered in this series are intended to improve your proposals, make your sales techniques more effective, and help lower your customer acquisition costs.

Here are the links to each blog in the Solar Sales series:

In this bonus final edition, we’ll explore ways you can reframe your sales pitch to address your leads’ hesitations and write winning proposals specifically tailored to their needs. 

The 3 Questions Your Solar Sales Pitch Needs to Answer

Certain factors can curb your leads’ solar enthusiasm unless the advantages and specific selling points are well laid out beforehand. If you focus on key upsides early on, you’re more likely to win the customer’s business. 

How to Handle the “Now is Not a Good Time” Objection in 3 Steps

In this article, we’ll review common objections and techniques for working with the homeowner on their hesitations to instill customer confidence in solar.

What Makes a Solar Sales Proposal Successful? 5 Tips for Proposals that Close

After you’ve designed and compiled the solar proposal, your customer sits down to choose between you and your competitor. So what does your proposal say about you — and what can you do to make it as strong as possible? Get our 5 tips for creating a winning sales proposal.

Practical Strategies for Closing More Residential Solar Sales

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to reframe the sales conversation to highlight the key benefits for your customer. Find out how to make your sales “stickier” and reduce the likelihood of cancellations. 

That wraps up our Solar Sales series. Make sure to check back soon, and subscribe to The Current, for our next monthly series: improving your business operations strategies to reduce risk and improve efficiency.