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Solar Sales: Communication Is Key — How to Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs

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According to SEIA, nine out of ten Americans support the growth of solar and a majority favor renewable energy over fossil fuels. Yet that support doesn’t always translate into action. So how do we communicate to prospective solar buyers in a way that drives sales?

This month on the blog and in The Current, we’re focusing on all aspects of solar sales: from knowing your customers, to sales techniques, to tools to help you do the job. Last week, in our first post, we took a deep dive into types of consumer behavior and how to tailor sales tactics based on them

This week, we take the next step and look at different ways to engage potential customers. We’ll explore how to avoid common (and costly) mistakes with leads and referrals by utilizing powerful communication techniques to lower your overall customer acquisition costs. 

Turning Solar Support Into Solar Sales: 5 Tactics for Effective Communication

Try incorporating these 5 key strategies into your solar sales efforts to connect with new audiences and convert more prospects into customers. 

Engage Solar Leads with the Right Use of Choices

You know well that too many choices can actually be harmful when selling solar. Here’s how you can avoid offering too many choices while giving your customer a comprehensive and thoughtful number of options. 

How to Effectively Address the Competition in Your Solar Sales

When discussing options with your leads, it is important to know how to address your competition. This article contains common mistakes to avoid and helpful communication tips you can use when discussing your competitors with your leads. 

Boost Your Solar Sales Success with Faster Lead Follow up

Customer acquisition is one of the biggest challenges for solar companies and one of their most significant costs. This means that when you connect with a prospective customer it’s critical to avoid mistakes that could cost you the sale. 

Avoid Lost Solar Sales by Understanding Leads’ Perspectives

Another way to avoid a lost sale is by better understanding your leads. The increasing competition and market saturation in the solar industry means that sales pros need to use their most effective strategies when trying to win prospective customers. This article explores the problems associated with assuming prospective customers share your opinion about solar and how to understand their needs to close the sale. 

Why and How to Keep in Touch with Past Solar Customers

Since leads are such a valuable commodity for solar contractors, it is vital to avoid the mistake of losing contact with past customers, particularly ones who have had their system for a long time. Keeping in touch with previous customers can also help you acquire new referrals, and boost your company’s reputation in the market. 

Stop Missing Out on Solar Customer Referrals

According to Nielsen, 83% of surveyed consumers say recommendations from people they know are their most trusted source of information. Get the referrals you need and lower your customer acquisition cost by using these techniques. 

Don’t Give Up Too Soon on Solar Leads or Referrals

You know that sometimes your quality leads are interested in solar but aren’t in the place to buy just yet. Timing is everything.

In a two-year study about customer acquisition in the solar industry, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) found that it is common for solar contractors to give up too soon on referrals from past customers, as well as some of their leads, whereas persistence and follow-up can generate additional sales. 

The final article of our communication series, then, covers the benefits of strategic outreach to leads and referrals over the long term. 

Next week, for our final sales series post, we’ll examine how to transform your team’s efficiency and optimize your sales funnel with solar software. You’ll get solar software pointers, and learn remote sales strategies to help your team identify qualified leads faster and reach them when they’re ready to buy. 

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