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Solar Policy, Sales, and Basics: 15 Resources to Get 2022 Started Right

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Congratulations, we made it: We’re (finally) putting 2021 in our rearview.

To get ready for 2022, we pulled together 15 quick resources to help get the year off to a quick start. From policy, to sales, to the basics, these resources will help you come out of the holiday break refreshed, and ready to install even more solar this year.

Solar Policy

One of the biggest things the solar industry is facing in 2022, and beyond, will be the final decision from the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) on the new net energy metering (NEM) rules for California. The whole country will be watching, and the first proposal was… less than ideal for installers and consumers alike. So, for early 2022, it’s important to not just sit on the sidelines. Get involved and make sure this doesn’t stand.

If you read one thing today, make it this summary of CPUC’s initial NEM-3 — AKA “Net Billing tariff” — proposal. It lays out what the proposal entails, what it means for the California solar market, and what you can do to show your support for solar.

Staying in the Golden State, here are 7 California Solar Incentives You Need to Know in 2021 — and Beyond.

For a frank, passionate, extremely informative discussion of just what’s at stake, check out The Crucial Fight for NEM: Defining the Stakes, and watch the accompanying video.

And here are some other NEM and policy resources to review so you’re ready for 2022.

Finally, we’re almost at the one-year anniversary of the Texas storm and blackout disaster. It’s important that we don’t forget how this happened, and learn how the solar industry can help prevent future events like this.

Bonus: Learn more about how California NEM changes could affect your business.

Solar Sales

The new year is a great time to make sure your sales game is on point. Whether you’re just getting started, or you have an established business and are looking to close more deals, updating your sales processes and techniques — from pitch to proposal — is an important way to stay competitive.

Handling customer objections is a key part of selling anything, especially solar. Get some tips on turning objections to your advantage with these 4 Homeowner Questions (and Answers) to Help You Close More Solar Deals.

Next, dive deep into perhaps the most common objection, cost, with Sticker Shock: Resources to Help Prospects Navigate One of the Biggest Solar Adoption Barriers.

Of course, solar sales isn’t all about the out-front pitch. There’s a lot you can do behind the scenes to improve your close rate. Improving and automating your sales workflows is a great place to start. 

Finally, to get ahead in this increasingly competitive market, it’s critical that you use all the best tools available. Check out how Sales Mode can help you close more sales, more quickly.

Bonus: Level up your remote sales program and get tips and tricks on selling storage with our Ultimate Solar Sales Bundle.

A solar panel being made

Solar Basics

New to solar? Just looking to brush up? To close out this blog, here are five resources from 2021 to help you get up to speed, or stay in the fast lane.

First, you need to know the concepts, like key solar energy measurement terms, and what AC and DC disconnects are and why you need to use them

Then, review the difference between kilowatts and kilowatt-hours in a way that your customers can easily understand.

Of course, at the heart of solar energy generation is the solar panel. Refresh your knowledge with this guide to solar panel efficiency, then check out everything you need to know about PERC solar cells.

Bonus: Learn what you need when you’re choosing a solar software solution for your business.

With that, here’s to a sunny 2022. We look forward to helping you get more panels on roofs (and in other places) in the coming year. 

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