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Solar Marketing: How to Win Over Prospects With Informative Solar Content

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Solar pros can help their prospects better understand what is involved in the solar buying and installation process by using educational blog posts and guides. This fosters a trusting relationship with potential customers and dramatically increases the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Offering informative solar content controls the entire funnel from top to bottom without any off-putting, sales-heavy marketing tactics to deter a lead’s interest. 

This month, we’re investigating the marketing strategies you can use to close more sales. Last week, we covered basic brand positioning tactics to set your solar business apart from the competition. This week, we’ll explore how you can generate an effective content strategy to win the trust of your prospects and close more sales. 

4 Ways to Get More Solar Leads Without Increasing Budgets 

With digital marketing becoming increasingly expensive and the cost to purchase leads continuing to rise, solar installers need to think about marketing smarter, not harder. To get some ideas on how solar installers can improve their lead generation, we invited four lead-gen experts to share their insights.

The Solar Sales Follow Up Kit

Become the trusted solar resource your leads have been looking for. This sales kit provides you with 4 informational guides that you can share with your prospective customers to answer all of their solar questions. 

The kit will help earn your leads’ confidence and business, so be sure to add it to your educational marketing strategy!

Decoding the Solar Buyer: Insights from Aurora’s 2021 Homeowner Research

This webinar sheds light on common buyer frustrations, hesitations, and what your prospects need to hear to invest in solar energy. Watch this short, pre-recorded webinar to gain insights into the solar buyer’s mind so that you can create highly curated content

By addressing your leads’ concerns early through easy-to-digest articles and guides, you’ll quickly move them further down your sales funnel to a sale.

Common Residential Solar Myths and How to Overcome Them

Every solar installer is faced with customer objections on the way to closing the deal. Knowing how to address common objections — even if they’re not based in fact — can turn a “no” into a “yes”

Creating content that addresses these common objections will meet your prospects out in front of the problem, easing their concerns and making them more likely to say yes to your proposal.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to check our next edition, and subscribe to The Current, where we’ll be looking at more ways to market solar — from social media to proposal.

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