Solar Marketing: Brand Positioning 101 – How to Set Your Company Apart from the Competition

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As the solar industry gets more and more competitive, making the most of your marketing and brand management resources can set your company apart. 

In this four-part email and blog series, we’re investigating ways that you can use strategic marketing and communications to help grow your solar business. Last week, we covered solar marketing and brand management basics. This week, we continue by exploring brand positioning strategies that can set yourself apart from your competition.

The Importance of Branding Part 2: Best Practices 

Whether it’s offering a unique sales experience through solar design centers, or approaching solar from a roofing perspective, differentiating your brand can have a big payoff

Solar Power Production Guarantees

Solar power prospects are becoming savvier every day. They do their research, get multiple estimates, and make sure they compare apples-to-apples with all those estimates. In a market like this, separating your offer from the others can be difficult. One strategy companies are turning to — and customers are increasingly asking about — is production guarantees

Gain a Competitive Edge with Exceptional Customer Service 

Focusing too much on the sale and failing to prioritize quality at all stages of the customer’s experience after they sign on the dotted line is a costly mistake. Delivering excellence beyond the sale will lead to satisfied customers who can’t wait to tell their friends and neighbors about going solar with your company. 

Why Solar Panel Recycling Matters for Solar Businesses–and How It Can Benefit the Industry

The end-of-life management of panels is the only negative environmental impact of photovoltaics. Tackling this issue is very important from a marketing and public relations standpoint. By integrating recycling practices into your business operations, you can give your business a huge marketing advantage over your competitors.

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