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Solar Business Operations: Safeguard Your Business — Navigating Insurance & NEM Updates to Mitigate Business Risk

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How might NEM 3.0 and solar tariffs impact your business? What are some of the important insurance coverages you should consider? In this post we’ll explore some of the critical factors that affect your solar operations and how to best mitigate potential business risks and liabilities. 

This month, in conjunction with The Current, Aurora’s weekly newsletter, we’ll be covering solar business operations strategies that can help streamline your processes and performance. In this blog we’ll touch on the importance of insurance before diving into what’s happening with NEM. 

The Peace of Mind Every Solar Contractor Needs: Having the Right Insurance

As a solar contractor, you know better than anyone that your business is vulnerable to a range of possible risks; from residence damages to worker injuries, to even a truck running off the road. This article discusses important insurance considerations for solar contractors and specific coverage types to protect your business.

Module-Level Rapid Shutdown: New Requirements for Fire Safety

You’ve likely heard about rapid shutdown requirements. But what are they and do you know how to comply? In this article, we’ll tackle what you need to know to design safe and legal PV systems in areas with these requirements. 

The Crucial Fight for Net Energy Metering: Defining the Stakes 

While the benefits of distributed solar and NEM programs benefit everyone, investor-owned utilities (IOUs) across the U.S. have been working to dismantle NEM and stifle competition. Read on to better understand the conflict between IOUs and NEM and how NEM 3.0 may affect your business, then click below to see what experts in the field are thinking.

That’s it for this week. In our next article, we’ll examine some resources that can help you recruit the best talent for your teams, keep that talent around for the long haul, and ensure an inclusive work environment with plenty of advancement.