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Solar Business Operations: Emerging Solar Markets

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The idea of an untapped market sector for solar is a very attractive one these days. Market saturation, fierce competition, and recent unfriendly government policies have put pressure on solar contractors to find innovative ways to maintain growth and differentiate themselves. 

Broadening and diversifying your company could give you a long-term competitive advantage, whether from a marketing, financial, or mission-driven perspective. In our final post in our Biz-Ops series, we’ll look at resources to help you determine if these markets are right for you. 

Making Sense of Commercial Solar: What You Need to Know About C&I

For a variety of reasons, commercial solar has been slow to take off, but there are signs that this sector is poised for significant growth. And for those who learn to navigate the complexity of commercial projects, the rewards can be big.

A Solar Market Niche You May Have Overlooked: Low- and Moderate-Income (LMI)

There’s a growing trend in the solar market that many solar contractors have overlooked: moderate and low-income households as solar customers. As the cost of solar has gone down and financing options have expanded, these communities are becoming a viable niche for forward-thinking solar contractors.

Solar for New Construction: Solutions to Enter a Key Emerging Market

This article highlights the ways that solar design for new construction differs from traditional solar design. We’ll share real strategies and tools for designing and selling stunning solar arrays for new buildings — whether residential or commercial — so you can confidently pursue opportunities in this market.

The Pocket Guide to Selling Solar Storage

While most installers offer storage as part of their solar solutions, many don’t have a clear process for how to quote and sell storage to customers. This comprehensive guide covers the strategies you’ll need to position and sell storage more effectively.

A Unique Group Purchasing Program Connecting Nonprofits with Solar

Customer acquisition is a persistent challenge for solar contractors. Solar group purchasing programs present a unique opportunity for many solar installers to compete for a large collection of solar projects. These programs bring together groups of customers that have decided to go solar, and solicit proposals from contractors to install the PV systems for them. Learn more to see if group purchasing programs would be of interest to your solar company

This concludes our business operations reading series! Here are the links to each blog in the Solar Business Operations series:

In November, we’ll explore solar marketing tactics to help your solar business identify, nurture, and retain more leads.  

In the meantime, check out our Grow Your Solar Business Bundle to learn more tactics for expanding your solar business.