Aurora Solar

Aurora for Channel Managers

Mobilize a dealer network that delivers for you

Empower dealers with the industry’s most accurate solar sales & design solution.

Aurora for Channel Managers

Scale faster with stronger partnerships

Partner-specific customizations and controls

Arm your dealers with custom branding, pricing, and more in Aurora while setting the right levels of control and flexibility for each partner, team, and individual.

Accuracy at the point of sale

Limit change orders and cancellations with installable design proposals built using Aurora's industry-leading accuracy and powerful AI tools.

Visibility and permission controls for internal and external teams

Minimize risk and organize your dealer pipeline with project visibility and access guardrails that fit your business needs.

Win together with best-in-class solar software

Give your sales partners the power of Aurora’s accuracy and AI tools, improving their reputation and boosting project volume. With projects from all sales channels in Aurora, your team saves time and avoids re-creating designs from disparate systems.

Deliver customizations dealers want, with the controls you need

In addition to custom-branded proposals and pricing, you can configure unique design settings and permissions for each dealer or partner. You set the right level of control or flexibility based on each partner’s business.

Building energy efficiency features with solar panels

Get to install faster with accurate designs at the point of sale

By equipping your dealers with Aurora’s industry-leading accuracy at the point of sale, you save on costly change orders, and homeowners have a better buying experience.

Experience Sales Mode for yourself


A man in a plaid shirt smiling at the camera, rendered in grayscale.
  • Austin Seawright

  • VP of Design & Engineering at Infinity Energy
It's all about customer expectations. It's a great experience for everyone: the rep, the company, the customer. It makes the whole process easier when you get it right from the start
A smiling man with glasses, wearing a blazer and a blue checkered shirt, with a softly blurred background emphasizing his cheerful expression.
  • Steve Huber

  • Executive Director of Sales, Semper Solaris
When we can be accurate on the front-end it helps reduce timelines on the back-end – and that cuts weeks and weeks out of projects.
A smiling man with glasses against a light background.
  • Brett Bouchy

  • CEO, Freedom Forever
Most other tools out there are just proposal skins that give rough estimates – and we've used them all. We were so impressed with Aurora's technology that we decided to use them for everything, all the way from proposal to the design, because accuracy is so important.
A man with a beard, smiling outdoors, with a blurred green background suggesting a natural, leafy setting.
  • Rob Evans

  • Training & Development Manager, Semper Solaris
The final product that we’re presenting to the homeowner is just so much more professional. The 3D models, sunpath, LIDAR, and other tools are very effective in a sale.

Explore Aurora

Aurora’s all-in-one software platform empowers every team to deliver across every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Tablet and smartphone showing a proposal and project view, showcasing responsive design.

Sales Mode

Sales Modes's guided workflows and simple swipe interactions make selling solar a breeze.

Digital map of a residential area with a focus on one house marked in pink

Aurora AI

An address and one month’s utility bill are all you need to instantly generate a 3D home solar design for your customer.

3D aerial mapping application screenshot with green spherical markers for planning.

Design Mode

Accurately design systems from anywhere with the most powerful 3D CAD suite on the market.

Integrated Financing

Unlock sales opportunities by creating a streamlined path for homeowners to finance their system.

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