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Meet Aurora's Plan Sets Program

Permit-ready solar plan sets available on demand from Aurora in 24 hours.

Permit-ready solar plan sets available on demand from Aurora in 24 hours.

Since you are already designing and selling in Aurora, how simple would it be to collect site visit information and request a plan set all within the same platform?
Aurora is developing a better solution for managing post-sales processes that is easier and more efficient. Meet our new Plan Sets.

Reduce errors and scale confidently


Permit plan sets on demand


Streamline your site data collection process


Reduce errors and scale confidently

  • Scale your business without the growing pains and backlogs of permitting — Aurora can handle any growing volume of plan sets you need

  • Enter new markets effortlessly — let our team take the burden of understanding all of the local AHJ requirements

  • Accelerate the process by getting the details right — our team will ensure the project’s AHJ is identified and its prerequisites for approval met on every plan set

Permit plan sets on demand

  • Align your teams — integrate your design tool, CAD, and site data in one platform

  • Enjoy a low-friction in-app experience — avoid multiple complex tools and vendors that create permitting bottlenecks

  • Request permit-ready plan sets at the click of a button — let your team focus on the next project

NEC validation reports

  • Set your team up for success — consolidate all the information to collect in an easy-to-use intake form

  • Let Aurora do the work — information from your design automatically populates the intake form, fill out the additional fields and head to the next house

  • Easily upload photos — upload them to your intake form in Aurora

Explore Aurora

Aurora’s all-in-one software platform empowers every team to deliver across every touchpoint in the customer journey.

Sales Mode

Sales Mode’s guided workflows and simple swipe interactions make selling solar a breeze.

Aurora AI

An address and one month’s utility bill are all you need to instantly generate a 3D home solar design for your customer.

Expert Design Services

Expedite your workflow with accurate, on-demand 3D models from our team of expert designers.

Lead Capture AI

Take control of your lead generation strategy with the ultimate personalized web experience.

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