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The Aurora Roadshow is on its way!

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Wish you could take a road trip but skip the cramped muscles and dirty gas station bathrooms? Well get ready because Aurora Solar is bringing the road trip to you this summer!

The Roadshow

Aurora is hitting the road with a solar extravaganza that celebrates the classic road trip experience, complete with our take on classic roadside attractions. Join us to hear from ASTOUNDING solar leaders who will share their unique outlooks on the solar industry. Come see the MODERN MARVEL of artificial intelligence that can create a solar design in 30 seconds or less. And swing by our “Beat the Machine” booth to test your skills against the seemingly IMPOSSIBLE POWER of Aurora’s AI machine.  Plus, we’ll have fun games and provide some eats and drinks — a big step up from gas station beef jerky, we promise — as well as a well-deserved chance for solar industry pros to mingle and network. After all, the best part of a road trip is the people you go on the journey with and the stories you share, right?

The Stops

The road trip will be stopping in:

Houston, Texas on Thursday, July 28th  [register here]

Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday, August 4 [register here]

Orlando, Florida on Thursday, August 11 [register here]

New York City on Thursday, August 18. [register here]

Register today to save your spot!

Featured image by Hannah Morgan.